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All About Sikkim State Lottery Result !
In some countries lottery is legalized format of Government Gambling. Lottery trend became popular in last few decade among many countries. The same scenario in India Sikkim State Lottery has been legalized by Indian Government. Government organize state lottery and regulate. One of the important regulatory condition is lottery tickets are not sold to the minors.

In earlier lotteris come with the different formats. For Instance Prize can be a fixed amount of cash or goods and  in this format the risk is purely assocaiated with the ticket seller.  Let we come to the point, The lottery is also legalized in India and regulated by the states. In India lottery names is also associated the state names Like Sikkim State Lottery, Kerala State Lottery, Nagaland State Lottery and Mizoram lottery.

Sikkim lottery is very popluar in India. Sikkim lottery result updated here on this page on the daily basis at 4:00 PM.  Stay in touch with us to check as well as get download your result. Old results are also available on this site. Click on Old results tab to  check previous results.  Goverment of Sikkim upload lottery results online. You can view daily sikkims state lottery result. You can view Sikkim state lottery result today 4:00 PM.

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